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Testing Rubric

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Testing Rubric

Post by Celest on Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:42 pm

Tester's Name:
Tester's Deck:

Testee's Name:
Testee's Deck:

Duel Results: 0/25

Deck Construction: 0/20 How consistent is the Deck? Does it dead-draw a lot? Is it built correctly? Does it use any techs?

Dueling Skills:  0/20 How are the testee's plays? Does he/she know why doing something? Is the testee aware of everything going on?

Rulings:  0/20 Before the duel, ask for the rulings test from your tester. 2 points will be awarded for each correct answer.

Attitude:  0/5 How did the testee act during the duel? Was it pleasant to duel again him/her?Siding:  0/10 Ask to look at their Side Deck and judge their Side compared to today's Meta.Extras:  0/5If you feel anything extra should be given, do so here. This is not mandatory to be filled.

End Results: 0/100

Dorm results:Slifer Red: 0 - 69Ra Yellow: 70 - 89Obelisk Blue: 90 - 100For Testers:
Tester's Name:Tester's Deck:Testee's Name:Testee's Deck:Duel Results: 0/202-0: 20/202-1 (Testee): 14/202-1 (Tester): 6/200-2: 0/20 Deck Construction: 0/20Dueling Skills:  0/20Rulings:  0/20Attitude:  0/5Siding:  0/10 Extras:  0/5End Results: 0/100 Dorm results:Slifer Red: 0 - 69Ra Yellow: 70 - 89Obelisk Blue: 90 - 100

Last edited by Celest on Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:43 pm; edited 10 times in total (Reason for editing : Grammar with the parts at the top, swapped the 2-1s around on the Duel Results section and removed the apostrophe from extra's. Also, added an easier way for testers to copy the rubric for posts.)

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